Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Medisaver is not an HMO or medical insurance provider.

2. The medical centers associated with Medisaver are privately owned.

3. The list of doctors provided includes their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and fields of practice.

4. Upon signing up, members will receive a list of prices and medical centers. It is the member’s responsibility to schedule appointments, although Medisaver is available to assist. However, please note that Medisaver may not have knowledge of the doctor’s schedule and cannot accurately inform you of their availability.

5. Medisaver members can only receive discounts from centers/doctors associated with Medisaver.

6. Prices for certain services may vary.

7. Members must show their Medisaver card or yellow contract at the doctor’s office to verify their active membership.

8. Any service-related issues should be directly addressed to the Medisaver office so that we can assist you and resolve the situation promptly.

9. Any instances of malpractice are the sole responsibility of the doctor, not Medisaver.

10. Currently, we do not provide emergency care and primarily focus on preventive care. Please dial 911 for true emergencies. However, we do have urgent care centers available.

11. Some specialists may require referrals from a general doctor.

12. Each Medisaver member will have an individual membership number to verify their membership.

13. Medisaver memberships are valid for one year and must be renewed annually.

14. There are no restrictions on becoming a member. Everyone qualifies.

15. If paying with a check, please allow approximately three days for the payment to clear before utilizing our services.

16. Membership must be active to receive discounts.

17. Members who choose the monthly payment option must remain in the program for a minimum of six months. After six months, members can cancel at any time.

18. Medisaver is not an insurance provider. Our plan offers discounts at specific health providers for medical services. Medisaver does not make direct payments to medical service providers.

19. Medisaver members are obligated to pay for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from contracted health care providers.

20. Medisaver is licensed by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.