Journey To Freedom

What is Journey to Freedom?

Hey! We are Yurema and Maciek

a passionate couple of former “scientists” who have pivoted their careers into the field of data science. Our insatiable curiosity fuels our love for exploration and an ongoing quest to challenge conventional thinking. We believe in never settling for the status quo and continuously seeking fresh perspectives.

Our Values

Deeply rooted in natural law and liberty, our values at Journey to Freedom celebrate inherent human rights, inspire freedom, and foster a cherished community. Empowering a world of liberty is our passionate goal.

Our Mission

To share our thoughts, knowledge and experience with you, empowering you on your own personal journey to freedom. We aspire to provide practical tools and insights you can apply to create positive change and embrace the liberty you desire.

Our Vision

To share our personal journey to freedom and inspire and motivate you to become force for good. We believe freedom is a profound and transformative force that can elevate our lives and lead to both personal and communal fulfillment.

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Get to Know the Authors Behind JOURNEY TO FREEDOM

Maciek Rokosz

Maciek Rokosz

PhD in Physics

Yurema Teijeiro Gonzalez

Yurema Teijeiro Gonzalez

PhD in Biophysics

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