“Our Dogs are Family, With Three Dogs living in our home and space, stains, spots, hair and odours are unavoidable, We trust Passiflora Carpet Cleaners to take care of the mess and keep our home fresh and clean” Love it

-Claire, Bedfordview Resident

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why should cleaning a rug cost more than the rug itself

On a daily basis our household carpets absorb dust, dirt, pet fur, liquids, and accidents happen. It would be our pleasure to help you maintain and extend the life of your loved carpet and upholstery.

Leave it to us to keep your home or office looking clean, bright and beautiful

(Carpet Cleaning)
Our 5 Step Deep Cleaning Process



Pre-vacuum of area removing dry dirt, soil, particulate contaminants


We use a special agitation machine on the most affected areas and stains


We place high-velocity air blowers to speed up the drying process remove moisture


Pre-treat heavy traffic areas, stains, and spots


Deep Clean and carpet wand extraction including deodorize


Keep your carpets looking great even with pets!

We understand your pets are your beloved family, but we dont love pet odors and stains, Its upleasant, unsanitary, and embarrassing when you have guests. Pets are attracted to the smell of ammonia in there urine, the smell tells them to urinate in the same spot, so its important to remove the odor as quickly as possible, otherwise the pet will continue to urinate inside your home. overtime this amonia and nitrogen will destroy the carpet fibres and seep beneath the carpet into the padding and floor.

Removing pet urine and eliminating odors requires a special touch, pet urine not only leaves visible stains but also penetrates deep into the fibres and padding of your carpets, causing Persistent and unpleasant Odors. our deep clean extraction process insures we get to the root cause of the odors deep within and beyond the fibres of your carpets, removing the unsanitary urine, vomit and fecal matter.


While some situations call for Carpet or padding replacement, Our Methods

Can Breath new life into your carpets, affected by pets stains, odors, or dirt and traffic over many years. Let us take a look and recommend the most cost effective solution. Remember, repairing is often more budget-friendly than replacing.

Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

If you are ready to restore and refresh your upholstery today. We would love to hear from you.

Our household upholstery, ottomans and matreses add comfort and style to your homes, but like everything else, they need to be cleaned from time to time. stop scrubbing dirt and commercial detergents into your couches in an attempt to clean them, without a proper extraction process the dirt and chemicals will seep deep into the couches and will attract more dirt and you may cause further stains. We take pride in carefully cleaning and maintening of your loved couches and mattresses. This involves spaying hot water and trusted detergents onto the fabric and then using a powerful vacuum to etract all the dirt and grim.

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