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Most of the general public has very little knowledge about cryptocurrency. When they start to learn, it is extremely technical and scary, so they do nothing. RR Bitcoins allows the general public to immediately start automated investing with direct deposit without having to spend months/years learning the technical skills of how to safely invest in this new asset class.
24H Change:
Market Cap:
$812.81 Billion
24H Change:
Market Cap:
$293.51 Billion
24H Change:
Market Cap:
$95.06 Billion


Minimum Investment : 0.2 BTC


Minimum Investment : 2.0 ETH


Minimum Investment : 10,000.00 USDT/USDC

Ethereum Investment Insights for Newcomers

We are a major investor into Ethereum. We feel its important that you understand why! As you navigate the digital currency landscape, understanding the intricacies can be daunting. Ethereum (ETH) is a cornerstone in this vast domain, and its significance cannot be understated. While the following summary isn’t a product of our original research, we’ve highlighted it on www.rrbitcoins.com because of its profound insights into Ethereum’s mechanics and potential. This curated piece offers a concise breakdown, shedding light on Ethereum’s transformative role in the world of decentralized finance. We invite you to delve into these insights, fostering a deeper appreciation for Ethereum’s place in the digital age.

The Power of Ethereum: Ethereum is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a revolutionary platform that has transformed the decentralized application landscape. The document provides a deep dive into the Ethereum Investment Thesis, shedding light on its intricate mechanics and vast potential.

On-chain Activities:The heart of Ethereum lies in its on-chain activities. From unique arbitrage opportunities to the intricacies of liquidation, Ethereum presents a vibrant and dynamic environment for both investors and everyday users. Grasping these activities is foundational for anyone aiming to navigate Ethereum’s ecosystem effectively.

Economic Finality: A standout highlight from the document is Ethereum’s impressive economic finality. As of July 2023, this metric stands at a staggering value of over $15 billion, a testament to Ethereum’s robustness and the immense trust placed in it by the global community.

Maximum Extractable Value (MEV): The document touches upon the concept of MEV, emphasizing its potential growth as Ethereum continues to evolve. For those in the crypto realm, understanding MEV can offer a significant competitive advantage.

Safety and Regulatory Insights: The document stresses the importance of recognizing the inherent risks of digital assets. It underscores that past performances are not indicative of future outcomes and highlights the significance of diversification in the crypto investment landscape.

Ultrasound Money – A Deep Dive: The document references [ultrasound.money](https://ultrasound.money/), a pivotal resource for understanding Ethereum’s monetary policy and its transition to becoming deflationary with the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. For newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts alike, [ultrasound.money](https://ultrasound.money/) offers invaluable insights into Ethereum’s economic dynamics and why it’s often referred to as “ultrasound money.”

A Call to Action: The insights and references provided in the document are invaluable for anyone venturing into the world of Ethereum and the broader cryptocurrency domain. We at www.rrbitcoins.com strongly encourage our audience to delve into the full PDF, complemented by resources like [ultrasound.money](https://ultrasound.money/), to gain a holistic understanding of Ethereum’s transformative potential.

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Our Mission is to provide the general public an easy way of handling their financial investments and IRAs in the digital currency world through a single trusted and reliable source. Our processes greatly reduces the time, and eliminates the long technical learning curve that investing in digital currency usually takes, while minimizing costs and preventing you from losing money and the unpleasant administrative experience of using a bunch of different companies that manage your investments. We will help you get through this process so that you don’t have to do it and once you start you will begin doubling their coins every 10 to 12 months and this will reduce decades off your retirement age.

Our Story

RRBitcoins was founded after years of mistakes and losses. Our founder Mitchell Falk made a couple shrewd investments into Ethereum at around $9.00 ealry in 2017 and within a few months he saw his investment value more than 30x to nearly 230k. He was occupied with a new family and he was a full time consultant in the oil and gas industry and he had recently started his own water evaporation Company at the time. In his excitement he found disappointment like many did back then because he couldn’t really navigate how to sell his ETH for a gain easily or swiftly for that matter. He was stuck betting on a swap into a different currency that he thought would be safe because stablecoins didn’t even exist and converting crypto to dollars took days even weeks in some cases. This was a common issue in those days and could be very costly and extremely tedious. This became a trigger for him to uncover easier processes. Mitchell analyzed and invested into various crypto hedge funds to try and get them to do the work for him but they were all unsuccessful. Actually his experience was so bad with the funds they nearly cost him everything. As the years passed and opportunities slipped between his fingers Mitchell developed a very successful system and he has found the easiest and most foolproof process for going Alpha.

His thesis based on the BTC halving cycle is so profitable he has radically compounded his net worth in a few short years. The strategy is so simple and so beneficial to everyone that has used it that he has been able to gain the resources necessary through his network to compensate his company for sharing the information privately with others and thus RRBitcoins.com was created. We are a free and highly educational platform with the connections necessary to help promote mass adoption of crypto tech at no cost to our participants!

Crypto Questions

RR Bitcoins is here to answer all your Crypto questions

At rrbitcoins.com, we offer free training to anyone who wants to learn how to trade with cryptocurrency. With our help, you can earn returns that beat almost any other legitimate investment in the market! Our company’s services are free and the learning process is simple. We take pride in helping people overcome the difficulties they face when learning about and investing in cryptocurrencies. By providing guidance and education, we aim to help people avoid making costly mistakes or becoming victims of scams.

The services provided by RRbitcoins have no monthly fees; however, you may be charged for setting up a Roth IRA and an IRA or a solo 401(k) account. If you request our concierge service to help manage those accounts, there would be additional charges from Rocket Dollar or one of our affiliates–but not from us. Our services are always free of charge.

Today, the RR bitcoins method is proven to work not only through rigorous trial and error but also from our first-hand experience of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We have continuously refined our process over time to come up with what we believe is the best possible solution, as reflected in our current success rates. You will see for yourself how effective this method is as we walk you through it step by step – the results speak for themselves.

At RR Bitcoins, we value your privacy and will never share or sell your data to another company or an individual, unless you request that we do.

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