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​Precise indoor location tracking & analytics platform

What is SIRL ?
At its core, SIRL is a Location-as-a-Service platform that can track asset locations and deliver timely and powerful insights. It is highly accurate, supports asset tags and all modern smart devices, and functions across indoor and outdoor sites. ​
About SIRL

Empowering companies to achieve more

SIRL’s mission is to build the most scalable, robust, accurate, and feature-rich Real-Time Location System (RTLS), and to broadly take this technology to a multitude of markets.​

RTLS has been under research and development for over twenty years, and has been incredibly challenging to build. ​

Leveraging our team’s deep expertise in IOT, Telecom, Software Engineering, and Supply Chain Management, SIRL has built an RTLS system that actually works.


Check out our latest partnership with

Microsoft Azure Maps Creator

SIRL (, an innovative indoor GPS and analytics platform, accurately locates and communicates with mobile device using precise indoor object mapping provided by Azure Maps Creator. Click here to view more details.


A Location-Enabled IoT Network

Leveraging patented, scalable hardware powered by low energy solar​

Supporting asset tags and all modern smart devices in our platform

Generating a unique data stream of highly accurate positional data​

Built on top of a feature-rich Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform​



Building the most scalable, robust, accurate, and feature-rich Real-Time Location System

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Workplaces Solution

Retail & Consumer Products

Technology Solution

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