Building the most scalable, robust, accurate, and feature-rich Real-Time Location System
Patented Satellite System Design​

Patented Satellite System Design​

Environmental Robustness

Supports diverse ceiling heights ​
Works across indoor and outdoor environments.​


Unique, IP-protected, multi-antenna design
​ Combined with proprietary algorithms ​
Highly effective at minimizing RF signal impairment​
Leading to superior accuracy


Innovative, solar-powered design for wireless installation and low maintenance​
No signal fingerprinting or periodic system recalibration required​
SIRL-certified installation team available for white-glove setup service.

LaaS Platform

Feature-Rich Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) Platform

Smart Device ​SDKs

Supports IOS, Android, Xamarin, and more. ​

Smart Device ​Features

Searching and wayfinding​ Location-triggered automation ​ Geofencing-triggered alerts.

Analytics Dashboard Features

View asset pathmap and heatmap ​ Visualize movement pattern of groups of assets ​ Identify supply chain or manufacturing inefficiencies.