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Criminal and Civil Defense

We offer investigative services, both criminal and civil, focusing primarily on the Northeast Florida area. We work directly for you or your attorney, locating and interviewing witnesses, performing deep level background investigations on individuals involved in the case, reviewing police and judicial records and whatever it takes to ensure you have the best defense possible.

We are not attorneys, we are street investigators who will uncover the facts. However, when you hire us, we have the same duties and legal responsibilities (FL Statue 493) to keep your case and what we discover protected.


Protection and Security

Physical security assessments were an integral part of our work internationally. The difference in having a safe-haven in your home, physical barriers, alert buttons at your bedside prevented an attack, a robbery, kidnapping or worse. Criminals and terrorists, unsurprisingly, go for the ‘soft’ target and even a minimal investment in upgrading your security can pay enormous dividends.​

Our protection cadre focuses primarily on accompanying individuals and families into what could turn into a high-threat environment. Business dealings in a developing world country, a safari vacation, an initial business meeting in place where you need someone to watch your back.

This is an integral part of our private investigation, surveillance and security protection activities.

Please contact us for additional information.

Attorney Support

We offer all types of direct and indirect support to attorneys; criminal defense, accident investigations, witness canvassing, surveillance, background checks and more. Let’s us be your partner on the street, acquiring the information you require to perform at your optimum level for your clients.

Background Checks

Companies can no longer accept the risk, to reputation, financially or danger to your staff, in hiring someone because their resume looks good, or they went to the ‘right’ university or any other criteria – trust but verify.​

The same is true for individuals – almost daily there are national media stories of someone losing substantial amounts of money, or suffering personal harm, because they trusted the wrong person.

We have the legal access (such access is regulated and monitored by the Federal and State government) to data bases well in excess of a Google search, which gives us the ability to quickly verify an individual’s past history or alert businesses or individuals of red flags which have been raised.

These are normally quick turn around cases. If there are additional concerns, surveillance or other investigative tools can be employed to ally your concerns, or confirm your suspicions.

Fraud and Malfeasance

Con-man: a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true. And – there are con-women as well, or teams working together.

This is a growing part of our business. It could be investment fraud, where you have been deceived by someone who appeared to have a business opportunity where you were going to receive a handsome financial return.

It could be romance fraud – where someone gains your confidence and then starts to siphon off funds from your bank account. Or convinces you to add them as a financial advisor or as a trustee on your assets, such as your home or retirement account.

And, we are seeing a rising increase in elder fraud – with a combination of the above scenarios.

If you have been a victim of fraud, or you are concerned that you, or a loved one, might be the target of a con-man, woman or team – contact us immediately. We can investigate and advise. In some cases, we work at our cost, you paying nothing upfront and we only get paid if we successfully recover your money.​


International Operations

We offer our services world-wide, for any need or requirement you may have for investigations, from missing persons, due diligence of a business, background tracing, locating heirs, financial matters or criminal investigations.​

There is a simple and indisputable reason why you should select Veritas Security Group for your international requirements – nothing is more important in an investigation then local knowledge. Sending off an investigator to a county she or he has never visited and has no preexisting contacts is almost certainly going to result in a disappointed client – and a considerable bill.​

It is probably not a surprise that the business of espionage does not have huge amounts of players – unlike any government’s military forces, no world-wide government builds their clandestine services with quantity in mind – small numbers, high quality, is a fundamental reality.

And, we after a period of time, either via liaison operations with friendly allied nations, or by going up against a hostile nation’s service, we learn who are our ‘spy’ friends, and sometimes, the identity of our ‘spy’ enemies. Those contacts persist – if we are sent by a client to an international locale, we do not go in without reaching out in advance. Either to our former international contacts or to an active duty official assigned to that country.

You need this level of connection. Nothing else makes sense.